Br. Narciso S. Erguiza Jr. FSC

President, Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc.

Welcome to Super Schools!
Through the world of interconnectivity and social media, I would like you to share in St John Baptist de La Salle’s educational ministry of “giving a human and Christian to the young, especially the poor.”
For more than 50 years, the supervised schools have tried to help intentional educational communities to make St La Salle’s ideals come to life.
During La Salle’s 300th anniversary year, we ask the Lord to bless this ministry so that truly we may become instruments in doing the work of God.
La Salle is alive today in the hearts, minds and wills of the students, faculty, staff and administrators.
Animo La Salle!
Br Jun Erguiza FSC
LASSSAI-OP Executive Bulletins