Br. Raymundo B. Suplido FSC

President, Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc.

 Dear Members and Stakeholders of LASSSAI,


I welcome you to SY 2020-2021 with all its challenges and promises. 

It is my honor to greet you as the new President of LASSSAI and to express the gratitude and appreciation of past and present LASSSAI members to Br. Jun Erguiza FSC, who diligently served LASSSAI academic communities from 2007 to 2020. Maraming salamat for all you have done, Br. Jun.


The reports of our supervisors and superintendents that have reached me describe the heroic efforts our member schools are exerting to cope with the numerous challenges brought about by COVID 19. 


We are all deeply concerned not only for the health and welfare of our faculty, students, staff and administrators. We are also immersed in the process of revising and re-calibrating the teaching-learning process according to the unique limitations of our respective academic communities. 


I salute your commitment and dedication. Indeed, these times call for resilience, creativity, and a lot of patience and perseverance as we pursue our educational mission.


Let our Lasallian values of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission give us inspiration and strength. Let us deepen our conviction that God is with us in our zeal to prepare and deliver our lessons, and cooperate with the different departments and stakeholders of our school. 


More than ever, let us give each other mutual support and work out means to share best practices with each other as members of LASSSAI.

Br. Raymundo B. Suplido FSC
LASSSAI-OP Executive Bulletins