1. How will LASSO make sure that school owners do not take advantage of the use of the name “LA SALLE” as a brand name for marketing purposes?

The Memorandum of Agreement for schools under Consultancy shall stipulate the prohibition on the use of LA SALLE on school signage and streamers.  Failure to comply with the agreement shall lead to a termination of engagement.  However, mention of Consultancy with LASSO on school flyers and brochures shall be allowed.

2. What measure shall be instituted to make sure that the school owners’ motivation is aligned with that of the Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc. (LASSSAI)?

The Consultancy status is considered a testing ground for the school owner’s motivations.  In this status, the school is given at most five (5) years to prove that it deserves being a supervised school.  The consultancy status acts as a buffer before a school can apply to be a Supervised school.

3. Who shall determine the areas where a school may need Consultancy?

An initial assessment visit by a team of assessors shall be done to evaluate if the school is indeed in need of management assistance from LASSO.  The results of the visit shall be the basis for the extent of consultancy.  LASSO, in coordination with the school owners, shall determine the extent of consultancy.

4. How will LASSO address the over-involvement of school owners in running the school?

In the interest of professionalizing the operations of the school, LASSO shall make sure that supervision is not hampered by over-involved school owners.  In line with the thrust of capacity-building supervision, standardized practices shall be set up starting with the formulation of Manuals (Administrative, Faculty and Staff) and Students Handbook.  Setting up of Salary Scale and the Ranking / Promotion Scheme shall also be done.

5. What benefits does a school enjoy after graduating from supervision?

 A mark of quality which La Salle schools are known for shall be gained by the school.  This achievement shall be contained in a commemorative marker that will be formally installed in the school grounds.

6. May a school remain a LASSO school even after three years of Supervised Level 2?

The main thrust of the New Model of Supervision is “capability-building leading towards independence.”  Hence, LASSO will see to it that the school can stand on its own after a definite period of supervision.  LASSO Supervision also prepares the school for accreditation by an outside agency.  As soon as the school is accepted by an accrediting agency to undergo accreditation, LASSO leaves the school for it to be able to assist other schools.  Accreditation shall be done by only one agency at a time.

7. After graduating as Supervised Level 2, what will happen to the school? Will it cease to be a member of LASSO?

After graduation from LASSO Supervision, the school will automatically become a member of the Association of LASSO Affiliated Superschools a ALAS.

8. What can the New Model of Supervision do in making sure that LASSO delivers quality supervision as well as maintaining financial viability?

The new model of supervision aims at capability-building and making the school independent.  It is evidenced by the diminishing supervision and monitoring of school operations in the matrix leading towards graduation from supervision after Supervised Level 2.  The flowchart also has provisions for disengagement or graduation any time during the course of supervision.  In this way, more schools can be admitted for consultancy or supervision.

9. What is the end-goal of LASSO? Are we making the Supervised Schools “little La Salle schools” Or, are we coaching them to be “good quality schools”

The 2005 Model of Supervision prepares schools to be of good quality.  The schools are regularly evaluated or assessed to ensure that they succeed in achieving quality that characterizes La Salle schools.  Moreover, supervision is geared toward accreditation by an official accrediting body like PAASCU.  For a supervised school to be a DLSP school is a matter of concern for the Brothers of the Philippine District.

10. What is the role of the De La Salle Brothers?

The Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc. (LASSSAI) is the governing body of LASSO.  De La Salle Brothers are in the Board of LASSSAI; the Auxiliary Visitor or his Designate, is the Chair of the LASSSAI Board and the elected President is the President of the De La Salle Philippines or his designate.


11. Upon graduation from supervision, what happens to the sign “De La Salle Supervised School” that is appended to the school name?

The sign “De La Salle Supervised School” shall be replaced by a MARKER that will be formally installed in the school grounds during a ceremony.