Br. Jun Erguiza’s Pastoral Visit to Saint Francis Academy 27 September 2019

Saint Francis Academy got an unexpected boost during the pastoral visit of Br. Jun Erguiza FSC which coincided with the school’s celebration of Christian Living and English Week. Br. Jun gifted the school with bust of St. John Baptist De La Salle which was blessed during the celebration of the Eucharist by Rev. Fr. Manny Villas, with the students, teachers and staff in attendance last September 27, 2019. The solemn rites took place at the school chapel.

During the liturgy , the SFA community sang hymns and offered prayers as well as rice, fruits and canned goods. In his homily, Fr. Manny spoke about caring for nature which, in the present context, entails heeding the call of Jesus to follow Him by showing care and concern for all His creation. He concluded by urging all those who attended the Mass to offer everything for the glory of God and by becoming responsible for each one.