Br. Erguiza: We are St. John By: Dave Domingo and Jade Magno

La Salle Br. Jun Erguiza encourages Lasallian teacher and students to ‘make real’ the characteristics of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

In his speech on Oct 10, Erguiza stated that the enthronement of the wooden bust of St. John in the Academy of Saint John represents himself and and the characteristics he exemplified, which he urges Lasallians to integrate in their lives

“Disappear with wood and be found in flesh and blood,” he remarked.

In an interview, he mentioned that the celebration of the tercentenary of St. John is not about his death anniversary but seeing him alive in the teachers and students, saying that 300 years ago he died and today he is alive.
“The dead person has no purpose unless he has an effect on the living,” he added.

Additionally, he said that ASJ sees its founder very much alive.
“Your school was named after this man,” he added.

On the other hand, Erguiza furthered that Lasallians should exemplify the stirring characteristics of its founder, particularly, spirit of faith, zeal for service, reliance on divine providence and concern for the poor.

According to Erguiza, a teacher who can see the potential of a student and bring it out is principally ‘very Lasallian,’ stating that through this they become instruments.
Furthermore, he said that it is the role of the students to realize what the teachers see and enact the necessary changes to the world.

“Education is to see the potential within students and bring it out,” he aired,” a student’s role is to bring out what the teacher sees and make it real.”

Meanwhile, Erguiza who is at his Golden Jubilee as a Lasallian brother, summarized his 50 years into one word, ‘great.’

“It’s been great,” he commented. – Dave Domingo and Jade Magno