School Canteen Improvement Project: Alumni’s Effort, Students’ Comfort

School canteens and other school food services are important educational resources. They take an important role in the provision of food to students and the school community as well as being an integral part of the school environment. The school canteen should reflect the educational goals of the school and support and complement student learning. When consumed daily, the food provided through the school canteen may comprise a third of a student’s total daily intake and have a significant influence on their health and nutrition. It is important that parents, teachers and students work together to support a whole-school approach to building a school culture in which students actively choose nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.

For years, St. Anthony Academy has been looking for helping hands that could aid the school canteen. Through hardwork, patience, and perseverance the ultimate prayer has been answered. Each year, SAA alumni reconnect
and share new developments in their creative practice through the school’s annual homecoming before the feast of the school’s municipality. Organized by an association of dedicated alums led by Mrs. Elna Dapulag-Enano, the President. This year’s homecoming had its goal, and that is to improve the school canteen which had
been used for several years. Most of the enrollees are children of the alumni, they have seen the struggles of their children every meal time. It melted their hearts as they saw the pitiful students trying to buy their snack in an elbow-to-elbow situation. With that came up an idea–improvement of school canteen.

A “4 x 6” square meter will become “6 x 8” square meter. Since the devastation of “Nona” it has never been repaired. It is the school’s gratitude to the Alumni who exerted their sincerest effort in improving the school facilities. Moreover, not only canteen improvement was extended to the school but also laptops, printer, and in-kind.

Rosalie Abalon