SCC Ventures Rocket Science

Students from St. Cecilia’s College-Cebu, Inc. launched solid propellant model rockets for the World SpaceWeek 2017 celebration in Cebu City last October 05, 2017 with the Theme “Exploring New Worlds in Space”. They were not alone though. The team was guided by SCC’s Science Trio mentors – Almida Plarisan, Wilfredo Pardorla Jr. and Christopher Caballa, Jr. The momentous event was witnessed and highly appreciated by DOST-SEI Director Dr. Josette Biyo together with national and regional delegates.

World Space Week is celebrated annually every 4th – 10th of October in recognition of two important dates in space history: the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957; and the signing of the Outer Space Treaty on October 10, 1967. (UN General Assembly, 2012) Launching several 3-feet solid propellant model rockets were successfully conducted initially to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Flight to the Edge of Space Project – High Altitude Balloon last 22nd of April 2017. The event was covered by ABS-CBN Regional
TV’s Maayong Buntag Kapamilya. It turns out into a bigger pace as
the doors open for our rocketeers.

These research enthusiasts known as St. Cecilia’s College Cebu Student Model Rocketry Team was then took noticed and recognized by the National Space Development Program through Dr. Rogel Mari Sese when he visited the school to personally watch the rockets soaring as high as approx. 200-400 feet at Minglanilla Central School 400m Oval. Students, faculty and leaders were in awe and thrill while witnessing the 5-second rush in each launch, leaving a thick white trail of smoke in its path afterwards. Though in the other hand, rocketeers wishing success in every rocket that’s lit up (because some don’t) since all of those were built groundup from scratch technically because no other students/ schools in the Philippines have been heard doing this before. So, the team is requested to demonstrate a whole new kind of platform – model rocketry to somehow upgrade later in timethe current water rocket competitions held in the country.

The team is comprised of the some of the best students from Junior High School, Senior High School and College Departments namely: Dorothy Mae M. Daffon, Grade 9; Earl James M. Bacus, Grade 9; Joefer Emmanuel T. Capangpangan, Grade 9; Lyka Negre, Grade 9; Kyla Negre, Grade 9; John Harold R. Abarquez, Grade 9; Joshua Pardorla, First Year College; Enrique III Pacudan, Grade 10; John Rollene Pastor, Grade 10; Christian Lawrence Cantos, Grade 10; Justine Nid M. Daffon, Grade 12; Rhenz Jay Estrera, Grade 12 and Jhy Rosheene Paunel, Grade 12

The superb experiences our students underwent sprung them up through the advanced field of Rocket Science which let them prepare unto the establishment of Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) in the coming years. The concepts underlying this endeavor let them learn and geared towards meaningful learning in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in intrinsic manner. Currently, the team is aiming to venture out far up in the
sky as their rockets did. Allevo Cecilia!

Ms. Almida M. Plarisan, LPT. and Mr. Wilfredo K. Pardorla, Jr., LPT