SBIS – B graduates from LASSO Supervision; now a member of ALAS

For the last 15 years, SBIS-B has been under the supervision of the Lasallian Schools Supervision Office (LASSO) committing itself to the Lasallian mission of providing excellent human and Christian education. Navigating through rough waters of change, its journey was not an easy one. But through the guiding hands of LASSO, SBIS-B successfully hurdled the challenges including the two assessments conducted by the same office.

SBIS-B reached a milestone after earning the highest assessment status, Supervised Level 2 in 2010. It is now elevated as a memberschool of the Association of LASSSAI Accredited Superschools also known as ALAS. This was celebrated in a graduation held last May 15, 2018. The program started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Len Coronel.

The event was organized by the SBIS-B administration, faculty and staff headed by its hardworking principal Mrs. Maresel E. Santos. The occasion was made more special through the gracious presence of Br. Narciso S. Erguiza FSC, Sr. Teresita Octavio Chair and President of SBIS-B Board of Trustees respectively, Mrs. Ophelia Fugoso AFSC Executive Director of LASSO, Dr. Allison Parpan SBIS-B Supervisor and Mrs. Cecilia Custodio, PhD. DepEd Supervisor for Private Schools. Also present were officers of SBIS-B Parents’ Association and Alumni Association Mr. Julius Torres and Ms. Fatima Moya.

The day was highlighted by the unveiling of the officialLASSSAI marker at the façade of the school. The marker serves as a proof and a reminder of SBIS-B’s continuing pursuit of excellence through its programs and services

Eijay Valerio de Paz