UKDLSM undergoes LASSO assessment

A team of LASSO assessors conducted an assessment to ascertain the eligibility for the next level of supervision of Universitas Katolik de La Salle – Manado in Indonesia. Held on March 5 and 6, 2018, said assessment focused on the various areas of school operations such as Vision-Mission and Governance, Personnel Development; Curriculum and Student Development and Facilities Development. Chaired by Br. Jaime T. Dalumpines FSC, the team observed
classes under 7 colleges with 12 program studies; all of which were distributed at random to the rest of the assessors, namely; Dr. A.Parpan, Dr. A. Botardo, Dr. C. Ballena and Mr. R. Javier. In addition to classroom observations, the team also run plenary meetings withthe administrators, faculty and staff, parents, students, as well asarea inspection.

The two-day visit capped with a fellowship with the school administrators and a brief courtesy visit to the residence of the former Bishop of Manado.