Isabelians’ First Day in School

Excitement and eagerness were etched on new and old Isabelian students as they walked inside the premises of the eco-friendly Colegio Sta. Isabel of Laguna last June 14, 2018. Most of the students arrived in school early enough. Students, teachers, school administrators and staff exchanged their greetings with smiles as a welcoming sign for a new and fresh start of the school year. You can also spot Sister Tere, CSIL’s beloved and bubbly principal’s striking
conversations with some students and parents.

The bell rang at exactly 7:00 am as an indication that everyone should proceed to the EVS gymnasium for the traditional flag ceremony led by the Grade 10 -, Section Responsibility students. Afterwards, Sister Tere then addressed her greetings and food for thought, a routine that she daily does for human formation to
keep everyone reminded of his personal responsibility towards self and others. This was followed by introducing the new and old CSIL Faculty and staff, school year 2018-2019. Likewise, the new students were also recognized per level. This didn’t last long; the students proceeded to their respective classrooms for them to meet their teacher-adviser, subject-teacher as well as their new classmates, if there are.

As the students and advisers were having their orientation, Sister Tere, being a sweet one, paid a visit to each classroom to know how they were doing . Sheeven shared to our class that some parents came to her to say: “ Sister Tere, while you were having the flag ceremony, all students are very well-behaved “. And her usual response?

“ They are always like that”.

Merry Ann Balaoy, Grade 10,Responsibility