LEAP-EMCS program holds training of supervisors

As an NGO mandated to support programs and projects that will contribute to the improvement in the quality of Philippine Education, the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), in partnership with the Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc. (LASSSAI), organized the Leading for Educational Achievement Program or LEAP, to support school improvement efforts through a mechanism of partnership with supervisors who will guide the schools in initiating and sustaining initiatives that will contribute to improving student outcomes.

LASSSAI on the other hand, will provide Educational Management Consultancy Services (EMCS) to execute, monitor and evaluate the LEAP Program covering schools identified by PEAC as needing assistance.

Thus, a Training of Supervisors for the LASSSAI-PEAC Partnership was organized. This was held last July 6-7, 2018 at De La Salle University.The training engaged the services of qualified lecturers from the group of LASSO supervisors namely: President Br. Narciso S. Erguiza Jr. FSC, Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier, Ms. Agnes Alonsozana and Dr. Rebecca L. Mendoza with the following supervisors who underwent the two-day training:

  • Dr. Willam DC Enrique
  • Mrs. Erminda S.J. Esteban
  • Mrs. Maresel E. Santos
  • Dr. Maria Virlinda O. Tee
  • Mrs. Marianne Tan-Lor
  • Mr. Renato B. Capili
  • Mrs. Chona Bacaron
  • Mrs. Cherry Cabatu
  • Dr. Calixta Colarte
  • Ms. Angeline Marcelino
  • Ms. Dara T. Ramos
  • Br. Cliff Ferdinand Sy FSC
  • Br. Ranier Guillergan FSC

The following ten new private schools have been identified for this PEAC-LASSSAI Engagement:

  1. St. Lawrence the Deacon Academy, Ilocos Norte
  2. Riverview High School, Pangasinan
  3. Panpacific University, Pangasinan
  4. Northeastern Integrated School of San Agustin, Isabela
  5. Divine Word School, Marilao, Bulacan
  6. Atheneum Amcan School, Noveleta, Cavite
  7. Fortress College, Negros Occidental
  8. Magballo Catholic High School, Negros Occidental
  9. Albuera Private High School, Leyte
  10. Baguio City Science Foundation, Baguio

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